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2019 | Italy | Rome | Trastevere | Hotel & Spa La Cisterna

The project was faced with composite and articulate architecture nestled in the urban context of the 13th rione of Rome, Trastevere— a place containing all the city’s essence. Tradition and history are constantly met with innovation and modernity, thus bringing to life the most ancient and, at the same time, youthful place in the capital city. Its very name reveals to us that its origins are very old and makes reference to its position: “trans Tiberim” or beyond the Tiber river, in relation to the city center in Roman times. This was the area where people from the East came to live and it quickly became a densely populated residential neighborhood. The lighting project aims to highlight the architectural details of the building and to make it recognizable in its setting, placing particular emphasis on the accommodation facilities. For the façade, a LED system will be used to illuminate the window frames. The lighting design of the interior is very articulate as it contains spaces featuring various architectural details dictating the interpretation of the project. The entrance will be distinguished by a long, bright vault. In the hall and bar, a luminous ceiling has been installed to create diffused lighting. In the restaurant, focused point lighting has been placed above the tables, created with ceiling downlights with glare control. The inner courtyard is characterized by a work of contemporary art: a mural on the main wall. Projectors will be installed in this space, on the top part of the façade in front of the mural. These will produce beams to illuminate the work. Should the scenario change will the placement of umbrellas, an atmosphere of soft lighting will be created with strip LEDs installed on the sides of the courtyard paving. In the rooms, different scenarios are envisaged to provide comfort to a plurality of users and the lighting concept must be able to meet all the requirements. The installation of strip LEDs creates general lighting in the individual environments, such as the vaulted ceiling, for example, thus combining innovation and design, while a strip LED will be placed above the headboard of the beds, creating indirect lighting. The bathrooms and room entrances will contain minimal recessed lights built into the ceiling.

Team members:
Macall srl

Render courtesy:
Marco Petrucci

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The architect team leader Piero Castiglioni assign Marco Petrucci as Senior Lighting Designer and Mauro Zani as Engineer Specialist for the realization of lighting projects. The costant innovation search and the continuing dialogue in order to meet customer demands result in a exclusive work.

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