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Andrea Gallo: Designer

Andrea Gallo Mockups SupplierAndrea Gallo was born in 1980, and is academically raised by the Polytechnic University of Turin and Milan. He holds a 1st Degree Master master course of the Polytechnic University of Milan in “Design and Technologies of Lighting”. His professional desire is oriented towards manufacturing, following his manual skills and his passion for every phase of the project development – from design to physical objects construction. In 2005 he opens his design studio with an annexed manufacturing shop. In 2008 he further extends the enterpise, founding the Pollodesign Factory – specializing in large-scale prototyping of scenographic environments for the entertainment and events industries. Combining the creative process with in-house engineering and manufacturing capabilities, he won with the Heineken brand the Lion of Design at Cannes. In 2015 founds Ma.t.o. (Made to Order), an high-end division specializing in small-series production of object made of precious and rare materials. In the course of the years, he’s focusing on the creative direction and the deep learning of cutting-edge manufacturing technologies and techniques.

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