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D’Alesio&Santoro: Lighting Consultant

We are a Lighting Design firm based in Milan – Italy. We provide R&D, engineering and implementation services to get the most out of the Solid State Lighting market requests. We are also specialized in Architectural Lighting Design and Lighting Automation projects, with a special twist on everything that’s experiential and the ambition to have the architectural projects stakeholders to understand that lighting it’s not a basic commodity, but the real added value – from the cognitive ergonomics of a space to the branding capabilities of Light. D’Alesio&Santoro is a young SME, founded in 2011 and operated by under-35 professionals. The company develops around the consolidated collaboration of the two co-founders Carlo D’Alesio and Piero Santoro, but operates thanks to a team of industrial and lighting designers. The founders are class 1982; they achieved a Bachelor Degree in “Industrial Design” and the Professional Master in “Lighting Design and Technologies” at Milan Politecnico in 2006. They both came from the so-called “latest generation of lighting professionals”, raised together with the Solid State Lighting technological revolution. Initially and for five years, Carlo D’Alesio was a Lighting Designer and Project Manager for Metis Lighting studio in Milan, while Piero Santoro covered the role of Italian Technical Administrator for lighting products for 3M Italy LMS (Lighting Management Solutions). This background covering both the hi-end Independent Practice and the Global Corporate mindsets will become an one-of-a-kind value for the years to come as independent professionals. D’Alesio&Santoro appeared in various dedicated newspapers, including Fast Company (US), LUCE (IT), Wallpaper Magazine (UK), Illuminotecnica (IT), Mix Future Interiors (UK). The firm was also selected or awarded in several international competitions, including ADI Design Index (IT), Lights for the Future (DE), Brightled (KR). The international exhibitions portfolio includes Milan Design Week (IT), Light+Building (DE) and the Design Biennale of Saint-Etienne (FR).

Crew Members

Maurizio Occhioni - Graphic & UX Designer - staff
Graphic and UX Designer
Christine Dionne Clarke Community Consultant - staff
Community Consultant
Giulia Chinello Lighting Back Office - staff
Lighting Back Office

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