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Sanaz Omid: Lighting Designer

Sanaz Omid Lighting DesignerSanaz Omid is a freelance lighting designer from Tehran, Iran where she received a BA in Architecture in 2005. She worked in Teclight Studio for two years, then she started to work as a freelance lighting designer and collaborate with some famous architecture studios such as Zav studio, Firouz Firouz Architecture Studio, Zandigan Architecture – and also well-known building companies such as Bam Engineering Development Group. Concurrently she supports IESI (Illuminating Engineering Society of Iranians) to organize some seminars and workshops in University of Tehran. During these years she realized the lack of information in architectural lighting in Iran, so she spent around two years to write a technical lighting book, to be published in September 2016 by Ketabkadeh Kasra.

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