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Simona Conti: Lawyer

lawyer Simona ContiAttorney Simona Conti graduated with a Master’s degree in Law in 2010. She successfully attended the SSPL postgraduate specialty school for legal professions (2010-2012). While attending the SSPL, she enrolled in the Law Society of Rome and, for a two-year period until June 2012, carried out compulsory legal traineeship to sit the State Exam in one of the most important legal firms in Rome. Upon completion of her legal traineeship (in June 2012), she took the State Exam and passed on her first attempt in September 2013. Throughout 2014 and 2015, she studied to take part in the competitive exam to become a magistrate judge and, to that end, she attended a 6-7-month preparation course held by magistrates, among others. In September 2015, she enrolled in the Register of Lawyers of the Court of Rome and, at the same time, opened her own professional firm, together with other colleagues at no. 7 Via Caio Mario, Rome. She is currently practicing the legal profession in an independent and collaborative manner, working in civil, criminal, and administrative law. She is attending a course in Children and Family Law organized by the Law Society of Rome, scheduled to finish in November 2018, a Public Defenders course at the Law Society of Rome, with its two years of compulsory attendance finishing in September 2018, and is awaiting enrolment in the list of legal aid lawyers.

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