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Takafumi Suzuki: Architect

Takafumi Suzuki ArchitectTakafumi Suzuki was born in 1981, in Japan. He graduated in Product Design, specializing in Fine Arts at the Shizuoka University of Art and Culture. After that, he completed the 1st Degree of the Polytechnic University of Milan in “Design and Technologies of Lighting”. Coming back to Japan, he engaged in interior design and marketing as an in-house designer at an interiors manufacturer looking forward to open its own market overseas. He’s involved in starting up the Japan Brand Project and had some exhibitions in France, Italy and USA (NYC). At the same time, he started up the self-owned brand “SUZUKI TAKAFUMI A+D”. His career started from designing a wide variety of goods, then has come to the belief that it is architecture and urban planning that should be the final destination to fulfill his challenging professional desires. He consequently studied and developed an architecture by himself. Now he works in an architectural office with the license of an architect, and he’s engaged in creating public facilities and urban designing, while continuing his own works.

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