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This section is dedicated to design and the history of architecture. Through historical analysis, we’ll try to understand current needs and future goals. We’ll be talking about lighting project competitions, the relationship between light and architecture, the history of Italian lighting, the history of Italian design and the people who made it possible, access to the labour market, industry associations and the real downstream activities behind the multinational manufacturers of lamps, regulations, architecture and all the sectors revolving around lighting. We’ll try to analyze changes in ways of living and how they have affected the way we conceive of lighting projects.

What does living mean today? What are our homes like? Our workplaces? Recreational spaces? How do we structure our day? What differences can we observe in the ways of living seen through the recent designs of homes built in faraway places in different climates and contexts? Without a doubt, in lighting projects, light and architecture play a fundamental role in answering our questions, together with technology and IT, which has now invaded and transformed our habits, going beyond Italian lighting.

As Bruno Munari teaches us, it’s important to always maintain our curiosity. A good designer must have all-round knowledge, not only about the subject with which he deals. A lighting project is not a world in itself, but something that interacts with everything that gravitates around it. Children discover reality through play, using all the senses, as they are immersed in a world that is all new to them. So, by exploring and experimenting, and through play, they learn and memorize. We should try to go back to being children and move away from conventions. Enjoy your reading and feel free to leave your comments.