Marco Petrucci Italian Lighting Designer

Marco Petrucci, Italian lighting designer, born in 1982, holds a University Degree in Industrial Design from the Sapienza University of Rome and a 1st level Masters in “lighting design and technologies” from the Polytechnic University of Milan. Right after his first degree, he realized that Lighting Design was his vocation.

Piero Castiglione and Marco Petrucci Lighting Designers

In Florence, he developed his university thesis at Targetti — a leading Italian lighting designer brand —, developing an innovative modular lighting system. Shortly after, during his Masters in Milan, he meet a true traditional Italian lighting designer, architect Piero Castiglioni, who headed a globally renowned firm.

From that moment, a trusted and priceless collaboration followed, lasting ten years. His first project as a global lighting designer and project manager was the renovation of the Milan Portello urban district, involving 250,000 m2 of works. During this crucial experience, he worked with a number of professionals from the international scene, including Gino Valle, Cino Zucchi, Guido Canali, Charles Jencks, and Andreas Kipar.

Combining this experience with a large-scale urban intervention, he dedicated himself to working as a lighting designer on one of UNESCO most prominent global cultural heritage sites— the Imperial Forum of Rome. Each of the following interventions required a multidisciplinary approach and a unique method and sensitivity to the whole design approach.

Method: Designing Light | First, What to Do. Then, How to Do It

Light is a service — in cities it allows people to move with visual comfort and security, in places and along routes, it helps us recognize sites and destinations and reveals the architectural forms that capture interest and transmit emotions. Inside buildings, it enables the development of functions, improving the quality of life. In museums, it highlights the works of art. In the showroom, it brings colors to life and contributes decisively to capturing the attention of the potential client. Light is everything: it is substance, dream, feeling, style, color, tone, depth, atmosphere, story, and ideology. Light is life.

First of all, there are no rules on how to illuminate well and no technology to help the lighting designer. Rules, in themselves, are preconceptions that move away from a correct design approach. I think we need to work as lighting designers by looking at the space first. Every place, if observed and understood, suggests to us how it wants to be illuminated. So, more than technology, rules and regulations, I think we need to think about lighting design by looking at the space first. In the future, we need to strongly develop our ability to observe architecture and those who use it.

Let's look at a few examples: Piccadilly Circus in London and Times Square in New York. The light comes from large displays that project advertising and communication. Another example is Hong Kong and other world capitals, very similar to Las Vegas, where light is used to amaze and lead to commercial actions. Are we transforming our cities into large playgrounds? Where the rule is to amaze and alter spaces, considerably changing the uses, customs and people’s ways of living? Where is the work of the lighting designer?

Lighting Design: Light that Communicates with Spaces

To us, light is a service and must do nothing more than reproduce the daylight of the sun, in the least invasive and the most natural way possible to render the object and architecture for what it is. Before the advent of LEDs, the nice thing about lighting design was that one new technology did not cannibalize the others. Today, it seems that the lighting designer no longer has a choice but to use LEDs in lighting projects. Here I think there is a stretch, due to the excessive use of the concept of energy saving.

For example, in homes, we know very well that power consumption for light is equal to about 7% of the total consumption of electricity. So the lighting designer changing a light bulb does not save the world. I remember when the new fluorescent lamps came out on the market, some manufacturers made campaigns to this effect, making the consumer believe that changing a light bulb could save money. Taking into account though that the price of an old light bulb was a tenth of the price of the new one. How much light is needed to perform visual tasks? Regulatory standards are constantly increasing to increase the production and sale of equipment.

The lighting designer must take some fundamental aspects into account: the control and distribution of light in the space, and the dimensions and formal appearance of the light fixture. I think a good lighting designer should warn the client about what the right choices are, both for his wallet and, above all, for his wellbeing. Even today, even compared to LEDs, the halogen light yields a better quality of light and visual wellbeing for the user. Mankind spends most of his time in artificial light — for this reason, the lighting designer must carefully plan how to generate visual comfort, remembering that aesthetics always come after ethics, firstly deciding what to do and then how to do it.

We can use the first Italian city to be completely illuminated by the new LED light sources, Milan, to imagine how the lighting design of the future could be. A watt on watt lamp conversion was made instead of considering the lumens emitted. Where sodium lamps were replaced, the illumination has dropped by 30%, where iodide lamps were replaced, the illumination has remained almost the same, and where mercury lamps were replaced, the illumination has increased considerably. This has led to dark and overly lit streets.

Perhaps light should begin to communicate with spaces and no longer be considered an option to be added at the last minute or managed superficially. Without evolution in the thinking of lighting designers, technology, regulations, and light sources can do little.


Lighting Consultant
Petrucci Marco
Sep 2016 - Present (2 years 2 months) | Milan, Italy

Lighting designer talent. Italian design firm.
International workgroup and community lighting interaction.
Tradition at the service of social change.

Lighting Designer
Piero Castiglioni
May 2006 - Present (12 years 6 months) | Milan, Italy

Lighting plan project. Lighting fixtures design.
Technical development lighting of spaces and environments, external and internal.
Interaction with clients, providers and installers.

Product Designer
January 2005 - June 2005 (6 months) | Florence, Italy

Prototyping and engineering of lighting fixtures.
Analysis and research of new materials and technologies.
Creation of custom products.


University Master-1st level degree
Politecnico di Milano
October 2005 - October 2006
Master's degree in Design and Technologies of Light | Department of Design

Bachelor-level degree
La Sapienza | University of Rome
September 2001 - April 2005
Bachelor's degree in Industrial Design | Department of Architecture

High school
Industrial Technical Institute
September 1996 – July 2001
Scientific high school degree, Technology High School


2019 | Italy | Robecco sul Naviglio | Bessana Farmhouse
Team members: Luca Bergo Architects

2019 | Italy | Fidenza | European Cultural Center Sigerico | Ex Jesuit College
Team members: Del Boca Partners

2019 | China | Hong Kong | Chi Lin Nunnery | The Main Hall
Team members: Formandi srl

2019 | Italy | Rome | Trastevere | Hotel & Spa La Cisterna
Team members: Marco Guadagno

2019 | Switzerland | Geneva | Saint-Pierre Cathedral
Team members: Ruffieux-Chehab Architects

2019 | Italy | Finale Ligure | Hotel Cynthia
Team members: Chiara Peghini, Davide Travaglino

2018 | Italy | Rome | Trigoria Factory
Team members: Marco Guadagno

2018 | Italy | Milan | Private House
Team members: Andrea Cozzi

2018 | Italy | Milan | Private Museum Emilio and Scilla Isgrò Institute
Team members: Emilio Isgrò

2018 | Italy | Milan | Luigi Rovati Foundation
Team members: Mario Cucinella Architects – Goppion spa design

2018 | China | Hong Kong | Chi Lin Nunnery | Pagoda
Team members: Formandi srl

2018 | Italy | Milan | Via Cino Del Duca | Private Office
Team members: Maria Olgiati Architects

2018 | Lighting Device | T-Line LED
Team members: Francesco Schiavella

2017 | Lighting Device | Mitic
Team members: Riccardo Follaro - Francesco Idini - G.R.A.M. snc of Antonio and Maurizio Rosamilia

2017 | United Arab Emirates | Abu Dhabi | National Oil Company
Team members: Savi srl

2017 | Italy | Colleferro | Miticauto Showroom
Team members: Riccardo Follaro - Francesco Idini - G.R.A.M. snc of Antonio and Maurizio Rosamilia

2017 | Italy | Milan | Private House
Team members: Elena Borghi Architects

2017 | Italy | San Pellegrino | San Pellegrino Headquarter
Team members: Bjarke Ingels Architect - Arup - Atelier Verticale Architects

2017 | Switzerland | Geneva | Saint-Pierre Cathedral
Team members: Ruffieux-Chehab Architects

2017 | Italy | Viboldone | Viboldone Abbey
Team members: E. Michelini Architects

2016 | Uniter Arab Emirates | Dubai | Private home
Team members: D.A. Architects

2016 | Switzerland | Geneva | Music Conservatory
Team members: GM Architectes Associés

2016 | Switzerland | Lausanne | ECA Headquarter
Team members: Architram Architects

2016 | Italy | Milan | Royal Palace | Italy Galleries | Manzoni House | Isgrò Exhibition
Team members: Mondadori Electa - Emilio Isgrò

2016 | Switzerland | Friborg | Great Council Hall
Team members: Ruffieux-Chehab Architects

2016 | Switzerland | Brig | Station Square
Team members: Pedrazzini Guidotti Engineers

2016 | Switzerland | Ursy | School Complex
Team members: Ruffieux-Chehab Architects

2015 | Italy | Bergamo | Routes EXPO 2015
Team members: Alessandro Riva Engineer

2015 | Italy | San Donato | SNAM Headquarter
Team members: Morphosis Architects - S.C.E. Project

2015 | Italy | Milan | Portello District
Team members: LAND srl - Cino Zucchi Architects - Gino Valle Architects - Guido Canali Architects

2015 | Lighting Device | Tarsius
Team members: Platek Architectural Lighting

2015 | Italy | Milan | Private House | Light Fall
Team members: Erna Corbetta Architects

2015 | Turkey | Istanbul | Mecidiyekoy - Liqueur and Cognac Factory
Team members: Emre Arolat Architects

2015 | Italy | Pistoia | Chapel of the Villa di Celle
Team members: Chiara Baldacci

2014 | Turkey | Antakya | Museum Hotel
Team members: Emre Arolat Architects - Studio Lighting Design

2014 | Italy | Venice | Papadopoli Palace | Aman Resorts
Team members: Denniston International Architects - R&S Engineering - Dr. Group

2014 | Italy | San Donato | ENI Headquarter
Team members: Morphosis Architects - S.C.E. Project

2014 | Switzerland | Stabio | Private House
Team members: Ferruccio Robbiani Architects

2014 | Switzerland | Fribourg | CFF de St Leonard
Team members: Ruffieux-Chehab Architects

2013 | Italy | Mantova | Te Palace | Civic Museum
Team members: iGuzzini Lighting

2013 | Italy | Milan | Brera Botanical Garden
Team members: INTERNI - Matteo Vercelloni Architect

2013 | Italy | Trento | MUSE | Science Museum
Team members: Renzo Piano Building Workshop - MTSN - IURE - iGuzzini Lighting

2013 | Switzerland | Cossonay | Ensemble Scolaire
Team members: Ruffieux-Chehab Architects

2013 | Italy | Milan | Triennale Palace | Gae Aulenti Exhibition
Team members: Gae Aulenti Architects

2013 | Switzerland | Lugano | Edifici Ex-Chiattone
Team members: Ferruccio Robbiani Architects

2013 | Italy | Milan | Triennale Palace | Pierluigi Ghianda Exhibition
Team members: Pierluigi Ghianda - Studiolabo

2013 | Iran | Ahvaz | Bridges Lighting
Team members: MLD 360 - iGuzzini Lighting

2013 | Italy | Milan | Via Cappuccio | Private House
Team members: Gae Aulenti Architects

2013 | Principality of Monaco | Monaco | Private Office
Team members: Erna Corbetta Architects

2013 | Principality of Monaco | Monaco | Private House
Team members: Erna Corbetta Architects

2013 | Saudi Arabia | Riyadh | ITC
Team members: Gruppo Industriale Tosoni spa

2013 | Italy | Milan | Via Cino del Duca | Private House
Team members: Gae Aulenti Architects

2012 | Italy | Rome | Imperial Forums
Team members: Capitoline Superintendent to Cultural Heritage - iGuzzini Lighting

2012 | Italy | Palermo | Branciforte Palace
Team members: Gae Aulenti Architects

2012 | Italy | Paderno Dugnano | Public Library Tilane
Team members: Gae Aulenti Architects

2012 | Italy | Como | Ex St. Francis Church | Silvano Bulgari Exhibition
Team members: IBT Lighting

2012 | Hungary | Budapest | Klotild Palace | Facade Lighting
Team members: Mattioli Architects

2012 | Italy | Alessandria | Vetus Palace
Team members: Gae Aulenti Architects

2012 | Italy | Perugia | San Francesco D'Assisi Airport
Team members: Gae Aulenti Architects

2012 | Italy | Arona | Villa Tonsi
Team members: IBT Lighting

2011 | Italy | Fossò | Iris Shoes Factory
Team members: CLS Architects

2011 | Italy | Rome | Venezia Palace
Team members: SPSAE Superintendent and Museums City of Rome

2011 | Italy | Rome | Barberini Palace
Team members: SPSAE Superintendent and Museums City of Rome

2011 | Italy | Milan | Royal Palace | Artemisia Gentileschi Exhibition
Team members: Volume srl

2011 | Italy | Milan | Expo 2015 | Lighting Masterplan
Team members: EXPO 2015 spa

2011 | Italy | Milan | Jil Sander Showroom
Team members: CLS Architects - iGuzzini Lighting

2011 | Turkey | Bodrum Vicem | Luxury Compound
Team members: Emre Arolat Architects - The Studio Light Design

2011 | Yacht | Sailing Boat | Mandrake
Team members: Gae Aulenti Architects - Adriasail

2011 | Turkey | Istanbul | TBWA Advertising Agency
Team members: The Studio Lighting Design

2011 | Italy | Merate | Private House
Team members: Archilabo

2010 | Italy | Milan | Pierluigi Ghianda | Library
Team members: Bottega Ghianda

2010 | Italy | Modena | Sant'Agostino Cultural Center
Team members: Gae Aulenti Architects

2010 | Italy | Rome | Planetarium | Baths of Diocletian
Team members: Alessandro Grassia Architects

2010 | Mexico | Veracruz | Fortaleza de San Juan de Ulua
Team members: Gustavo Aviles Architect - Lighteam

2010 | Italy | Rome | Baths of Diocletian | I Segreti del Cielo | Cascella Exhibition
Team members: Alessandro Grassia Architects

2010 | Iran | Teheran | Grand Hotel Azadi
Team members: MLD 360

2010 | Italy | Como | Private House
Team members: Apostoli & Rigamonti Architects

2009 | Italy | Bogogno | Golf Club
Team members: Carlo Lamperti Architects

2009 | Morocco | Marrakech | Tourist Residential Settlement
Team members: Caputo Partnership

2009 | Italy | Rome | Ara Pacis | Magnum Exhibition
Team members: Fabertechnica sas

2009 | Yacht | Mangusta 130 | MAO
Team members: Erna Corbetta Architects

2009 | Italy | Ferrara | Schifanoia Palace | The Months Hall
Team members: iGuzzini Lighting

2009 | Spain | Barcelona | El Prat Airport
Team members: Ricardo Bofill Architects

2009 | Italy | Milan | Via Dante | Showroom
Team members: La Scala Architects

2009 | Italy | Milan | Largo Corsia dei Servi
Team members: Studio Zoppini

2009 | Africa | Angola | SKY Residence II and SKY Business
Team members: Manuel Salgado Architects

2009 | Italy | Forlì | Santa Sofia | "Mentore" Theater Complex
Team members: Gae Aulenti Architects

2008 | Italy | Milan | Church of Santa Maria Rossa
Team members: Fontana Arte Lighting

2008 | Albania | Tirana | Mezuraj Museum
Team members: Mezuraj Museum

2008 | Switzerland | Bironico | St. Martin and St. John Church
Team members: Renzo Richina Architects

2008 | USA | Chicago | Gansevoort Hotel
Team members: Ricardo Bofill Architects

2008 | Italy | Venice | Danieli Hotel
Team members: Intertecno Ingegneria e Project Management

2008 | Switzerland | Comano | RSI | Italian Radio Television Switzerland
Team members: Ferruccio Robbiani Architects

2008 | Switzerland | Fribourg | St. Pierre Church
Team members: Ruffieux-Chehab Architects

2008 | Russia | St. Petersburg | Konstantinovsk Congress Center
Team members: Ricardo Bofill Architects

2008 | LED Street Light | Raff IBT Group
Team members: Macchi Cassia Architects

2008 | Lighting device for Loro Piana | Light Shed iGuzzini Special Execution
Team members: iGuzzini Lighting

2007 | Italy | Pordenone | Holy Trinity Church
Team members: Franco Raggi Architects

2007 | Switzerland | Sankt Moritz | Private Houses
Team members: Gae Aulenti Architects

2007 | Italy | Pordenone | St. Mark's Bell Tower
Team members: Franco Raggi Architects

2007 | Omikron | Palio device
Team members: Omikron Design Production

2007 | Switzerland | Comano | RTSI Restaurant
Team members: Ferruccio Robbiani Architects

2007 | Italy | Imola | Observance
Team members: Gae Aulenti Architects

2006 | Italy | Monza | Commercial Gallery
Team members: Ongaro Progetti

2006 | Italy | Milan | Home Textile Emporium
Team members: Ferrari Architects

2006 | Switzerland | Fribourg | Grand Council Hall | Special Device
Team members: Ruffieux-Chehab Architects

2006 | Italy | San Benedetto Po (MN) | Monastery of San Benedetto in Polirone
Team members: Maffei Architects

2006 | Spain | Madrid | Private House
Team members: Studio A-cero


Italian   - Native or bilingual proficiency
English  - Professional knowledge
Spanish - Basic understanding
French   - Basic understanding


Trace Pro Basic Course
OxyTech Srl
October 2013

CEFR C1 - Certificate of Advanced English
Frances King
December 2013

Honors and Awards

Contemporary Lighting Context
September 2011

L.E.D. Lighting Exhibition Design
December 2010