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officina meccanica gram and Gerardo Rosamilia

Officina Meccanica G.R.A.M.

Gerardo Rosamilia (portrait)

1916 – The State choses to take immediate action in manufacturing and production planning of military equipment; The BPD (Bombrini Parodi Delfino) installation – the largest Italian manufacturing plants for explosive equipment with roughly about 20.000 employees – established in 1935 in a free zone – recognized as Municipality of Colleferro (Comune di Colleferro).
1935 – The Council of Colleferro is officially comes into being on June 13th, 1935. Although did not yet exist by World War I , Colleferro had a dual structure; like many other towns and an underground city. Commencing at the siren, the inhabitants were shelter into the assigned bunkers. The youth town will convert from borough to foreground industrial center, yet famous today along with Turin, as the Aerospace industry’s headquarter.
1937 – Antonio Rosamilia, Gerardo’s father, born on 1896 in Candela – Province of Foggia – and once in Colleferro began working at the factory.
1939 – Son of Gerardo (born in Candela on December 1st, 1926) began working at the factory.
1939 / 1942 – Gerardo attend the training school, once graduated at the age of sixteen, he began working as a turner in the factory.
1970 – In the first half of the 1970s, Gerardo Rosamilia and his friend Bovani Ivano, both driven by dedication and passion for work, began to partner together, thus founding the company B.R.I.G. (acronym which comes from the founder’s initials) that initially operates in a garage belonging to Mr. Bovani.
1980 – During the 80s and 90s, private enterprises are symbols of the society’s growth and modernization. The entrepreneur becomes a key player of the country’s economy. This gives rise to the Small Enterprise, driving force of the Italian economy.
September 1981 – Gerardo left B.P.D. in order to devote himself full-time to his artisanal activity, while his partner Ivano is liquidated and, collaborated with his two sons Antonio and Maurizio, he founds the G.R.A.M. Mechanical Workshop by Gerardo Rosamilia. The HQ is moved to Via Raffaello Sanzio still in Colleferro.
October 1986 – G.R.A.M. Relocates to the premises of Via Dell’Industria highly incrementing the workspace, after purchasing Computers Numerical Control, it faces the raise of productive activity thus getting new clients and contracts.
September 1992 – G.R.A.M. turns into an S.n.c. (General Partnership).
January 1994 – once the construction works were finished, the G.R.A.M registered office and place of business relocated to a non-industrial area where they still are in a facility of 600 square meters. Art and passion merging, work dedication, professionalism, skills and research, growing know-how, new Computers Numerical Control – all this makes GRAM a “Traditional Shop”, pride of Made in Italy.
Yet today Gerardo, on sunny days, goes back to work at his loving lathe.

2017 | Lighting Device | Mitic
2017 | Italy | Colleferro | Miticauto Showroom

Photo courtesy:
Maurizio Rosamilia

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