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Light design mitic suspension - led lightsing design

Light + Building 2018

Frankfurt (18 March 2018 – 23 March 2018)

Indirect Lighting devices for wall or suspension applications. Monocromatic LED source, homogeneous and comfy light output.
5,3 meters Glazed-Iron-Bar. Remote control power-supply.
Lighting source: LED 250W
Dims: Ø1700 mm
2017 | Lighting Device | Mitic

The round shape has a sort of resilient magnetic power catching the viewer’s eye. The Disk is a shape that convey dynamism; its topology recalls a perfect and changeless motion, no beginning and no end, an unaltered light similar to one that is created by this lamp.  They all come by the idea of emptiness, evoking the chrome rims of the cars to be sold at the trade show. It is given the space a shape with the use of light, thus becoming a symbol and an icon of Miticauto.
2017 | Italy | Colleferro | Miticauto Showroom

Team members:
Designer: Marco Petrucci
Architect: Riccardo Follaro
Technical Drawing: Francesco Idini
Engineering and production: G.R.A.M. snc of Antonio and Maurizio Rosamilia
Clients: Miticauto of Simone Petrucci

Photo courtesy:
Marco Petrucci

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