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Marco Petrucci

Marco PetrucciDevelopment of lighting technology for indoor outdoor spaces and environments. Management of human resources, interaction with clients, suppliers and installers. Communication and interpersonal skills in both written and verbal form to be able to fully understand the needs of clients and communicate them to teams. Organisational and problem solving skills. Feasibility analyses of the project in terms of objectives, resources, technologies and time requirements. Draw up detailed planning and scheduling of project development phases. Define, support and elaborate strategic plans for the implementation of the required technologies. Identify any project issues and define risk mitigation strategies. Organise and manage the periodic audits to which the project is subjected in order to highlight areas for improvement and verify its effectiveness. Coordinate the technical teams working on the project. Verifying the achievement of the set objectives in terms of cost, time and quality of the project. Photo: Gianluca Carraro.